Bloget Alpha 7

Bloget alpha 7 is ready for download. There are the usual little fix ups and polishing here and there. I’ve also spent a bit of time cleaning up unit tests and running code analysis to make sure the code stays reliable and clean. Even so, I did manage to get a few new features in this month.

  • Archive control - Lists months which have blog postings. I like Bloget’s index better but many blogs have this so I’ve added it.
  • Blog Roll control - Point this control at your OPML file (http:// or file://) and you have an instant blog roll. It can even randomize and limit the selections for large blog rolls.
  • Blog Title control - Sometimes you want to separate the title from the body of your blog. This control let’s you do just that.
  • Specify log folder in web.config - Bloget has always had great logging from day one. This is an optional setting let’s you put the logs right where you want them.
  • Documentation Updates - Keeping documentation up to date is always a chore. Unlike many freeware programs, Bloget actually comes with some pretty decent documentation.
  • Improved Sample Blog Examples - I’ve updated the samples that come with the standard distribution. There are now three examples taking you from simple to increasingly more complex scenarios.
  • More features

Bloget™ is a collection of ASP.NET 2.0 controls that allow you to quickly and easily create your own blog. Bloget controls are added to your Web site in the same manner as other ASP.NET controls like grids and repeaters. Bloget doesn’t require a database, modification your Web.config or IIS configuration files or other special measures. Simply add one binary (yes, that’s right, one binary) to your Web site’s bin directory and you’re ready to go. Bloget is modern, powerful, full featured and most of all reliable. Give it a try!

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