OpenDNS = Instant Speed Boost

Want to improve your Internet connection right now? Simple. Just head over to OpenDNS and follow the directions to setup your computer or router to point to OpenDNS. If you’re not sure what a DNS...

See 5000 Years Of Religion In 90 Seconds

If you like history, you’ll enjoy this. It’s flashed based video that shows the expansion of religions over time. See 5000 Years Of Religion In 90 Seconds

C# 2.5? | Did it with .NET

Hey, now here’s a tip that’s really useful and something I didn’t realize. Many of the features of C# 3.0 are available when targeting the .NET 2.0 framework when developing with Visual Studio 2008. Visual...

6 Free Vista Utilities to Tweak and Improve Performance | MakeUseOf.com

Some nice free discoveries here. Good to see some Vista specific tweak programs. Recommended. [6 Free Vista Utilities to Tweak and Improve Performance MakeUseOf.com](http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/6-free-windows-vista-utilities-to-tweak-and-improve-computer-performance/)

Ala Crate - Nice

I’m starting a new category and calling it Naughty & Nice in honor of the season. I buy products online all the time and prefer it to shopping at retail stores. Of course, like all...

Safari Beta for Windows

Amid all the announcements from Apple this week I found an updated beta of Safari quietly inserted. I’ve blogged about Safari before and found it a very good browser even with the bugs. The update...

My Favorite VS 2008 Feature

Visual Studio 2008 will be releasing soon. It’s a nice evolutionary development of Visual Studio 2005 with no jarring changes or surprises. In general, things just seem to work better. I’ve been developing actively with...

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Free!

Microsoft has updated its Office Accounting software, and just like last year, the company is offering free and paid versions. Office Accounting 2008 will set you back $199, while the slimmed down Office Accounting Express...

Instantly Create a Mobile Version of your Blog with MoFuse

This is one easy way to setup mobile content for your blog. Signup, point MoFuse at your feed and add the mobile chicklet to your website. There’s an SMS widget as well. See the sidebar...

Dual Monitor Wallpaper

I have dual 1600 x 1200 screens here at work and have been trying to find some high quality photographs that will span the two monitors. I favor nature and landscape scenes although other subject...
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