OpenDNS = Instant Speed Boost

Want to improve your Internet connection right now? Simple. Just head over to OpenDNS and follow the directions to setup your computer or router to point to OpenDNS. If you’re not sure what a DNS is or why you should care, seriously, take 5 minutes to head over to the site and read their excellent materials. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention the service is FREE!

Is it really faster? In my case, yes. I have a rule about performance increases. If I can’t see it, feel it or otherwise sense it through casual use, then I don’t think it’s an improvement worth having. I figure most people like myself don’t notice performance increases of 10% or less. Well, I do notice the difference when using OpenDNS. Probably has something to do with the Comcast DNS (my ISP) which has had news worthy outages in the past. YMMV. Still, even without the performance benefits there are good reasons to use OpenDNS.

If your a parent (as I am) then you’ll appreciate the filtering. You can block content right at the DNS. If you’ve configured your router that means you’ve protected every computer in the house. Phishing protection, domain blocking, adult site blocking, domain white-listing, statistics, typo correction and more. Who knew a DNS could be so cool!

Honestly, I really haven’t found a downside yet and I’ve been using it for two weeks now. Highly recommended.

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