Testing with Qumana Blog Manager

Testing with Qumana Blog Manager. Qumana is a free offline blog editor. I’m always testing Bloget with new blog editors as I encounter them to verify that Bloget’s MetaWeblog API is up to speed. Another...

Gmail has Daily Limit on Sending Email

I’m an avid Gmail user. I’ve never come anywhere near these limits but still it’s good to know where the boundaries are: Gmail imposes a limit on the attachment size (20 MB) and the overall...

Recommendations to Improve Software Builds

I recently took over management of our build process for our development team mostly because no one else wanted to touch it. Once I started looking at the build scripts and the issues surrounding them...

Second life for used batteries

I’ve have a small container in the garage with used/spent alkaline batteries destined for the recycle center. One day I picked one out of the container and put it on a Volt-ohm tester. To my...

Did you know... use Ctrl+Tab to bring up the IDE Navigator to get a bird's eye view and navigation of all open files and tool windows in Visual Studio?

Sara Ford’s blog always has great tips about using the Visual Studio IDE but this particular tip just rocks. And as well as this works in VS 2005, VS 2008 does it one better with...

How to disable the UAC prompt for a specific application

Sometimes, you want to disable UAC prompt for certain applications on a Windows Vista computer without disabling UAC for the whole computer. From http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946932 Using the tool and steps below, you may disable UAC prompt...

Google Mobilizer

Here’s a another cool tool from Google I just discovered. Google Mobilizer makes any web page mobile friendly. Simply go to the page, enter the URL and you’re surfing mobile style. Handy indeed!

Who Killed the Electric Car?

If you haven’t seen the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car”, then rent it, buy it, steal it or borrow it and watch it. I own a GM vehicle. My Dad worked for GM for...

NonContiguousMemoryStream in .NET

System.IO.MemoryStream is one handy little class. One of my favorite uses for memory streams is serialization. I typically serialize to a memory stream first and then copy the stream to a file or other backing...

Repairing IE7 in Vista

I’ve been using Vista on my new laptop for 3 months now and still like it. I’m puzzled why there is such hatred leveled at this operating system. CNet in fact called it one of...
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