Second life for used batteries

I’ve have a small container in the garage with used/spent alkaline batteries destined for the recycle center. One day I picked one out of the container and put it on a Volt-ohm tester. To my surprise, it still had about a volt of charge. Fully charged the battery only has 1.5 volts. Since it was a AA battery I put it in my Bluetooth mouse and darn if it didn’t work. I’ve since then found I can use these “spent” batteries in my Bluetooth mouse for up to 1.5 months before sending them to the recycle center. I’ve had similar results with TV remotes. I now have a stash of “used” batteries I collect from various devices around the house like electronic games and clocks. I then use them in my remotes and wireless mice until they expire. You paid for the battery so why not get every last millivolt from it before recycling.

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