How do you say Thank You?

A lot of people (as in 99%) come to this site, consume the content, download the software and leave. I’ve always been a little annoyed by this behavior. If someone handed you a 5 dollar...

Calculator Sidebar Gadget Released

Yes, just what the world needs, another calculator gadget! Except this is actually a useful and usable calculator gadget. You don’t get pretty buttons or bubble gum skins. Instead, you get a calculator that evaluates...

Friday Links #3

BugWiki = Bug tracking made easy - I’m using it for my projects. Easy and to the point. Free for single developers. UltimateDefrag Freeware Edition 1.72 - I’m a sucker for cool graphics in defrag...

How to Selectively Hide Tray Icons

I’ve had a number of requests to add a feature to Desk Drive that hides the tray icon. Turns out, you already have the ability to do this from the task bar. Here’s how. Right-click...

The Tooth Fairy Note

My daughter left this note for the tooth fairy the other night. Dear Tooth Fairy, I’ve been very good. Could you please leave me two dollars instead of one? Please. Your very best friend, Rachel...

Desk Drive Memory Reduced?

I’m not sure why but Version 1.1 of Desk Drive uses 5 MB as compared to 18 MB for Version 1.0. Maybe it’s the new compiler in Visual Studio 2008? The code hardly changed between...

Desk Drive Version 1.1 Released

There were a couple of positive articles on some popular web sites about Desk Drive posted last week. As a result, I’ve received a ton of email requesting features, fixes, etc. Version 1.1 adds one...

Business Opportunity

Quick question: If the money was right and it didn’t interfere with your current schedule, would you be interested in a business opportunity? Email me at mike@blueonionsoftware.com for details.

Friday Links #2

Elevator Quickly Disables UAC for Specific Programs - You can disable the UAC for specific applications using the registry or you can use this handy-dandy alternative which is much easier. Installation is fussy so read...

Nice Review of FreeSnap

The folks over at Freewaregenius did a nice review of my FreeSnap program. … this is one situation where the adage “less is more” holds true and I prefer FreeSnap. A nice program overall. Gosh,...
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