Slick Command Shell Enhancement

In Scott Hanselman’s article ”A better PROMPT for CMD.EXE or Cool Prompt Environment Variables and a nice transparent multi-prompt”, he points out several nifty features of the command prompt. In particular, I liked his idea...

Desk Drive 1.6.2 Released

Desk Drive 1.6.2 includes one bug fix (Desktop folder location was sometimes wrong), one new language (Arabic-Syrian) and some updates to the other languages. Enjoy!

Friday Links #15

John Robbins’ Blog : So You Want To Set a Windows Journal Recording Hook on Vista? – How to setup journal hooks in Vista and a reference to a neat unit testing tool. NetMassDownloader –...

Desk Drive 1.6 Released

Desk Drive 1.6 features the option to open Windows Explorer when it detects a new drive. In addition, you should notice that Desk Drive memory usage as indicated by the Task Manager is considerably less....

A lean method for invoking COM in C#

One of the features I wanted to add to Desk Drive was the ability to minimize all windows when it detected a new drive. There’s a method in the Windows Shell that is exposed through...

Desk Drive 1.5.3 Released

Desk Drive 1.5.3 introduces two new languages, Galician and Spanish. I’ve also added a hook into the windows notification mechanism which sends Desk Drive a notification when new media is inserted or removed. This allows...

Andersen Windows - Nice

When we built out house 12 years ago we specified windows made by Andersen. Turns out that was a good decision. Not only have they performed well, but they have stood by their warranty without...

Friday Links #14

Find Files in Large Folders More Easily with Windows Vista Explorer- Manage large folders that have hundreds of files and sub-folders with these Vista only tips. [FileForum Autoruns](http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Autoruns/1092024321/1) - Autoruns shows you what programs are...

Desk Drive 1.5.1 Released

Desk Drive 1.5.1 fixes two issues and introduces a new translation: Icons are not always removed on program exit Positional effect not centered on icon French translation added Thanks for the feedback. Also, I just...

Vista calculator gadget updated

A few months ago I wrote a quick little Vista gadget called “Calculator” mostly to teach myself how to write Vista gadgets. They’re really simple to write if you know a bit of HTML and...
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