Markdown Edit 1.2.0 Released

What’s New Snippets extended to support substitution parameters New snippets added for quick insertion of links and images List continuations add list markers as you type Scroll to last position in recent documents Mission Statement...

Friday LInks #337

Programming The God Login interact.js - JavaScript drag and drop, resizing and gestures with inertia and snapping sskyy/Gilgamesh NR6Pack extension Introducing Semantic Types in .Net - CodeProject Fixie positionly/Typist Open Source Angular Cloud Data Connector...

Friday Links #336

Programming SVG Morpheus - Morph SVG icons TinyJPG – Compress JPEG images intelligently Complete Sudoku Game in C#/WPF/Silverlight - CodeProject aja.js - Ajax without XML : Asynchronous JavaScript And JSON(P) Drag n’ drop deployment on...

Markdown Edit Roadmap

It’s a new year and time to make some plans for the year ahead. I’ve posted a roadmap of features/development for Markdown Edit at https://github.com/mike-ward/Markdown-Edit/wiki. Other things I’m contemplating: VSColorOutput - I plan to solve...

Markdown Edit 1.1.0 Released

Version 1.1.0 is all about the keyboard. Snippets Snippets allow the quick insertion of words or phrases by typing a trigger word and then the TAB key. This can improve the speed and proficiency of...

Friday Links #335

Programming Turf.js Mozilla Research — Projects — mozilla.org Shape Security Labs: Announcing the Shift JavaScript AST Specification Pallette Path Finding Benchmark In Various Languages CSS Link Pseudo-classes PureBasic - The Perfect Cross-Platform & Native Development...

Markdown Edit 1.0.3 Released

Another minor update to Markdown Edit, my Windows desktop Markdown editor. New “Paper” theme Syntax highlighting for lists Insure scroll to bottom of preview at document end In using the “Paper” theme for it’s Zen-like...

Friday Links #334

Programming Vulnerability announced: update your Git clients Is WebGL the technology of the future? What’s AexolGL? dstore How To Automatically Change Passwords With New Lastpass And Dashlane Features Skeleton: Responsive CSS Boilerplate Gravify CSS-Only Loaders...

Indoor Rowing

Over the years, I’ve tried several exercise regimens with varying results. Running - Great while it lasted but my knees went bust in my late 20’s. Cycling - At one time I rode 22 miles...

Markdown Edit 1.0.2

Minor update: Add keyboard shortcuts to Recent Files dialog Fix bugs in Find/Replace Fix syntax highlighting bug for referenced links GitHub Release: https://github.com/mike-ward/Markdown-Edit/releases/tag/V1.0.2.0 Available on the Downloads Page
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