BitPump Released

If you’ve spent anytime in the Freeware world, you have probably encountered AnalogX at one time or another. If not, you owe it to yourself to visit this site. This guy has been pumping out...

Bloget Progress Report #2

Work continues to go well on Bloget. I’m feature complete now for the first release which will be an alpha release of some sort. I’m still pretty happy with my little project as it continues...

When Understanding means Rewriting

Jeff Atwood has an excellent blog entry this morning called “When Understanding means Rewriting”. In it he explains how many programmer’s rewrite code in order to understand how it works. The premise is that the...

Dibert Cartoon Hits Close to Home

This is just freaking hilarious. I can’t tell you the number of conversations I’ve had with my wife that end like this. Comic for 21 Sep 2006

Picasa Update has New Online Features

I’ve always been a big fan of Picasa and now it’s even better. Software that’s good and free. Here’s the announcement from Google. By A Googler Posted by Michael Herf, Picasa Engineer I have 80,000...

Engine On a Chip May Beat the Battery

MIT researchers are putting a tiny gas-turbine engine inside a silicon chip about the size of a quarter. The resulting device could run 10 times longer than a battery of the same weight can, powering...

Apologize For Calling Me Violent Or I'll Kill You

I wrote about this issue earlier. This guy hits the mark in fewer words. I’m only guessing here, but I’m pretty sure that in any of the Middle Eastern languages there must not be a...

Imagine No Religion

The words of John Lennon ring in my ears this morning as I drive to work. Last night, I watched how Muslim’s expressed their rage over the Pope’s recent comments about the prophet Mohammad’s teachings...

Including JavaScript Conditionally in ASP.Net

In the course of building this Web site I’ve wanted several scripts I use for ads and hit counting to be disabled when I’m developing locally on my laptop. I looked for more than a...

Vista and the Rise of Flash Drives

Jeff Atwood has an excellent article on a new feature in Vista called ReadyBoost. Includes benchmarks for different flash drives and a discussion of hybrid hard drives that incorporate flash to boost performance. http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000680.html
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