BitPump Released

If you’ve spent anytime in the Freeware world, you have probably encountered AnalogX at one time or another. If not, you owe it to yourself to visit this site. This guy has been pumping out freeware for years and it’s really good stuff. AnalogX programs are always small, always reliable and just seem to work without much fuss.

BitPump is a BitTorrent without the hassles. I like it because it uses very little CPU and has an interface that even I can understand. Here’s how the author describes it.

BitPump is basically a light weight, high performance BitTorrent download client. It supports many of the same features that other common clients do, such as multiple downloads at the same time, a single port for all transfer, etc. Unlike most of the others, you also can do some interesting things, such as switch between either a download manager type of GUI, or a dialog type of GUI (similar to the normal IE download dialog). If it sounds interesting to you, head on over to the Download/Network section and grab yourself a hot copy.

I’m running it right now downloading a 1.8 GB file. Here’s a screen shot.

PCalc is another AnalogX gem worth considering. It’s a programmer’s calculator that is really useful. It’s one of those programs I keep on every computer.

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