Markdown Edit 1.13 Released

It’s been a steady drumbeat of releases this year for Markdown Edit. It also appears that MDE may be getting some traction in the market (based on search results). Still, I’m a bit surprised considering the dearth of Markdown editors in the Windows desktop segment that MDE is not more popular. I may be a bit biased here but MDE is clearly the best Markdown editor for Windows. Obviously, you people are not doing your part promoting it :).

If you love MDE, please write about (tweets, blogs, Facebook, etc.) I also like hearing from you personally on how MDE is working for you (or not). Send me email. My fragile male ego needs the occasional stroking.

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OK, on to the release notes:

  • Save As HTML (Alt+E, Alt+Shift+E) added.
  • Convert from HTML. Drag and drop or open from the dialog. (Did you know you can open .docx files as well?)
  • New Danish translation. I just loves me some pull requests.
  • Add Ctrl+, to open/close the settings dialog.
  • Installer improvements. The installer was replacing shortcuts on upgrades which caused pinned shortcuts to break (it will take one more update cycle for this fix to take effect).

Future: I’m to the point where MDE does almost everything I want it to do. There are some new releases of .NET and other third party libraries on the horizon. Other than that, I don’t have much in the way of features on my to-do list. Got a cool idea for MDE? Shoot it my way.

Available on the Downloads Page.

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