Friday Links #287

Beware the string | Joe Duffy’s Blog
gulp.js - the streaming build system
What’s New in .NET Framework 4.5.1
Unit Testing Best Practices in AngularJS
Getting Started with Kendo UI and MVVM
Sails.js | Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js
Rust 0.9 Released With Revised Threading Model
Gulp-style stream piping in Grunt, or anywhere else
The cost of working with strings - Ayende @ Rahien
A Simple CRUD Demo with Koa.js - Shiju Varghese’s Blog
Practical End-to-End Testing with Protractor | ng-newsletter
Twitter / ChromiumDev: JS Console Protip: keys(window)
Single Line Comments (//) in CSS - Tab Completion
WebKit.js: It’s happening for real, with Emscripten’s help | Badass JavaScript
Visually Creating Snippets - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs


Cool Tools – Oh Life Compute Engine — Google Cloud Platform
Google Chrome 32 Brings Data Compress To Mobiles, Website Shortcuts to Android
Spawner Data Generator | Free Development software downloads at SourceForge.net

Science and Technology

The flat-out truth on curved TVs | Ars Technica
Inside Google X’s Smart Contact Lens | Re/code 5
Cutting-Edge TVs | OLED | UHD - Consumer Reports News

Ford Just Raised the Bar — Again — With the F-150 Pickup | Autopia | Wired.com
Revolutionary Scuba Mask Creates Breathable Oxygen Underwater On Its Own - The Mind Unleashed

On the Web

Top developer trends 2013-2014

Stuff I Just Like

Software Quotes
21st-Century Workbench Leg Joints - Popular Woodworking Magazine

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