Tweetz Desktop Update 0.6

Here’s what’s new in 0.6

  • Real time updates. Tweetz Desktop now uses Twitter’s streaming API resulting in faster timeline updates. This also avoids some of the limitations of the REST API.
  • Reply to all. If other users are specified in a tweet, reply will include them. This works similar to the Twitter’s Web interface
  • Update popup window styles

There’s been a bit of consternation over the symbol fonts for Windows 7 users. In a nutshell the problem is the Segoe UI Symbol font in Windows 8 includes glyphs not available in Windows 7. This is unfortunate but won’t change. I tried using the Font Awesome icon font but they simply are not as nice as the current set.

Some of you have told me you can download the Windows 8 font, install it on Windows 7 and resolve the issue. That’s your call. For licensing reasons, I can’t endorse it.

The bottom line is I won’t be supporting Tweetz Desktop on Windows 7. You have the option of using the original gadget in Windows 7.

On another note, I’ve added a Disqus section to the bottom of the Tweetz Desktop product page. I’ve removed the Disqus section from the Downloads page. You can report any issues in the appropriate product page (or this post).

Update: Fixed an annoying problem with replies quoting the logged in user. Current version is 0.6.1.

Available on the downloads page.

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