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Bento - Learn how to code
Releases · knockout/knockout
Kendo UI JSFiddle Starter Template
Unit Testing Best Practices in AngularJS
Promises in AngularJS, Explained as a Cartoon
Why I’m excited About Hekaton – SQLServerCentral
How to start working with EF 6 on VS 2012 - Bnaya Eshet
What you need to know about Angular SEO | ng-newsletter
Touche.js - seamless touch event mapping for your click events
textAngular :: Lightweight Angular.js, Javascript Wysiwyg/Text-Editor
Offline.js – Handle your users losing their internet connection like a pro
Katana 2 is Available! - Interoperability @ Microsoft - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
A (relatively easy to understand) primer on elliptic curve cryptography | Ars Technica
The Handpicked jQuery Plugins Repository. A handpicked collection of jQuery plugins
How to install the nodejs Ghost blogging software on Azure Websites - Scott Hanselman
Windows Azure: Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 + Some Nice Price Cuts - ScottGu’s Blog


XAML Spy for Visual Studio
Stay Alive Keeps Your Screen Awake on a Per-App Basis
An Important Disk Cleanup Job after Upgrading to Windows 8.1

Science and Technology

Buzzy: Innovative Device That Takes Away The Pain Of Getting Shots
Auto industry cuts the cord on electric car charging – Computerworld
Putting EV Batteries in Bodywork Is Brilliant — If You Don’t Crash | Autopia | Wired.com
New device stores electricity on silicon chips | Research News @ Vanderbilt | Vanderbilt University

On the Web

LG Launches Fireweb: Its First Firefox OS Smartphone for $200
I’m Watch: The Underdog Android Smartwatch To Keep An Eye On
This Map Shows What Every Country Leads The World In And It’s Not Entirely Flattering

Stuff I Just Like

Infinity Seat may look minimal, but it’s said to be comfy

Favorite Tweets

In a sunset plane ride from NYC to LA, if you flew 850 mph you would cancel Earth’s rotation, freezing the Sun on the horizon – Neil deGrasse Tyson

“Atheism is a non-prophet organisation.” –Anonymous – Daily Atheism

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