Friday Links #274


AngularJS Directive Design Made Easy
Virtual x86: x86 Emulator Written in JavaScript
Alex Rothenberg - How To Unit Test An Angular App.
The Definitive Guide to Angular on Mobile | ng-newsletter
The dict pattern: objects without prototypes are better maps
Advanced Testing and Debugging in AngularJS - yearofmoo.com
James Newton-King - Json.NET 5.0 Release 7 – Immutable Collections
Grokking IQueryable - The Activity Designer - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Odometer: Javascript and CSS Library for Smoothly Transitioning Numbers
Mocking Server Dependencies in JavaScript and AngularJS | Flippin’ Awesome
#951 – Not Every Type Derives from object | 2,000 Things You Should Know About C#
Enhancing AngularJS Logging using Decorators | The Solution OptimistThe Solution Optimist


A lighter, brighter GitHub for Windows
Creating New Windows Azure Web Site from Visual Studio 2013 RC
Asynchronous Solution Load Performance Improvements in Visual Studio 2013
Square Cash Review - The Money Is in the Email - Walt Mossberg - Personal Technology - AllThingsD

Science and Technology

E-Ink Curved Watch From Green View Is A Digital Marvel
2014 Honda Accord Hybrid receives 50 mpg city rating from EPA
Watch: SpaceX Grasshopper Rocket Launch Reaches Record Height | Autopia | Wired.com

On the Web

MAKO: Tony Stark’s Jarvis Voice Recognition Software Now A Reality

Stuff I Just Like

The 1931 Histomap: The entire history of the world distilled into a single map/chart.

Favorite Tweets

Fukushima Industries just made a very unfortunate branding choice: “fukkuppy” http://t.co/i92QZ8awrScott Hanselman

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