Friday Links #272


Safe integers in JavaScript
Read JavaScript Allongé | Leanpub
Eyeo 2013 - Mike Bostock on Vimeo
Node.js: A Jumpstart for Devs - NewCircle
A whirlwind tour of Web Components with Polymer
Stack - Presentation Library with Scroll-Based Navigation

element: Modals made easy - HTML5Rocks Updates](http://updates.html5rocks.com/2013/09/dialog-element-Modals-made-easy) [Weighted index – a simple, powerful prioritization tool | Marcus Hammarberg](http://codebetter.com/marcushammarberg/2013/09/30/weighted-index/) [RyuJIT: The next-generation JIT compiler - .NET Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs](http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dotnet/archive/2013/09/30/ryujit-the-next-generation-jit-compiler.aspx)


Hex Invaders
Google Web Designer
Postcard on the Run uses your smartphone to make and send physical postcards

Science and Technology

Cygnus docks with International Space Station
This Water Droplet Maze Is Mesmerizing | Popular Science
Batthead batteries could allow any device to be wirelessly controlled
Brush Your Teeth In 6 Seconds With Innovative 3D Printed Toothbrush
Heat it, bend it, slam it and the latest gadget glass won’t break | TechHive

On the Web

Apple passes Coke as world’s ‘top brand’ - CNN.com
Wilson Kipsang sets World record of 2:03:23 in Berlin Marathon

Stuff I Just Like

Rubber band gatling gun fires 800 “rounds” per minute
World’s Largest Curved Gaming Screen Spans 160 Degrees

Favorite Tweets

I know life is never going to be the same without Breaking Bad but we shouldn’t just shut the government down. – Len Smith

Kickstarter to build a functional government. – Chris Ashworth

If Anonymous knew that offering all citizens healthcare could shut down the government, we would have adjusted our tactics. #OWS – Anonymous

I wonder what happens if the Government doesn’t boot up after they turn it back on. – Scott Hanselman

After I drink my coffee, I show my empty mug to the IT guy and tell him I’ve successfully installed Java. He hates me. – Bruce Johnson

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