Friday Links #262


A File Input Directive For AngularJS

How Translated Tweets in Twitter Work
The overhead of async/await in NET 4.5
alertify.js - browser dialogs never looked so good
Setting up a NancyFX website – philliphaydon.com
Five Patterns to Help You Tame Asynchronous JavaScript - Tech.Pro
Introducing JsRT – Embedding JavaScript on Windows | Panopticon Central


SecureGmail Encrypts Your Gmail Messages with One Click
How to Install .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?
Office News - Check out the new OneNote for iPad, iPhone and Android
Windows 8.1 Tip: Optimize for the Desktop | Windows 8 content from Paul Thurrott
The best tip for using the Windows 8.1 Start button - Evangelism - Infragistics.com Blog
You probably don’t need a Twitter client, just learn the hotkeys in New Twitter - Scott Hanselman

Science and Technology

Research suggests a wooden future for skyscrapers
Surgically implanted headphones are literally ‘in-ear’
New catalyst replaces platinum for electric-automobiles
How NASA steers the International Space Station around space junk | Ars Technica

On the Web

Could This Be The Next Apple iPhone?
Computing Pioneer Douglas Engelbart Has Died at Age 88 - Arik Hesseldahl - News - AllThingsD

Stuff I Just Like

Is Revenge Really Sweet?
If great scientists had logos… on Twitpic
8 Most Beautiful Water Landscapes in the World
Spectacular Moleskine Doodles Explode with Energy

Favorite Tweets

figital - it’s not spaghetti code. it’s a puzzle i crafted for you.

God - To the many Americans waking up this morning with a patriotism hangover: I’m afraid the only cure is invading another country.

David Giard - He who goes forth on the 4th with a fifth may not come forth on the 5th.

Dave Rupert – #CSSTrends2013 window.addEventListener( ‘scroll’, doSomethingOtherThanScrolling );

Neil deGrasse Tyson - Still trying to accept the fact that a pitcher for the Oakland Athletics in Major League Baseball (MLB) is named Balfour.

FACTS - There are 300 registered Superheroes living in the United States.

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