Friday Links #257


Pure - YUI Blog
Paper.js - Paper.js
Say Hello to PowerShell | Nettuts+
AngularJS Abstractions: Directives
Parrot for AspNet – BuildStarted.com
Animation in AngularJS - yearofmoo.com
Things I Wish I Were Told About Angular.js
Run .NET and Node.js code in-process with Edge.js
Compressing Script Files using GZIP - CodeProject
NancyFX - Hosting with OWIN – philliphaydon.com
scriptcs - Write C# scripts in your favorite text editor
Enhanced Animation in AngularJS - yearofmoo.com
AntarcticJS, 1st November to 1st December 2013 | Lanyrd
A comparison of various JS frameworks using cold hard data
How to auto publish a website each time a #TFS build succeeds?
Facebook’s New React JavaScript Library Tutorial Rewritten in AngularJS
Designing CSS Layouts With Flexbox Is As Easy As Pie | Smashing Coding
A More Awesome Web: Features You’ve Always Wanted — Google I/O 2013
Markdown in the Source Browser - CodePlex Weblog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Using Microsoft Solver Foundation to solve linear programming tasks Gunnar Peipman
Not Having A License Does The Exact Opposite To What You Think It Does - Adam Brenecki
JSFiddle Examples – A Collecton of Angular/Angular.js Examples - GitHub


Keeeb – Perfectly in Ordnung
color.hailpixel.com · Swatch you doing?
Move over TortoiseGit, welcome SourceTree : Jeffrey Palermo (.com)

Science and Technology

Iron Man meets Star Trek: Space diving suit in development
LG Unveils Unbreakable Flexible OLED Display At SID 2013 [Video]
Smartphone chips could replace server processors in HPC, researchers say | PCWorld

On the Web

Chromium Feature Dashboard
HTML5 Rocks - A resource for open web HTML5 developers
The return of the Start button in Windows 8.1 will help unify the desktop and Start Screen
Apple drinks the Microsoft Kool Aid, bases iOS 7 on Windows 8 “Metro” | Computerworld Blogs

Stuff I Just Like

Bill Nye scientifically explains how Superman shaves
Fan | Find where you can watch your favorite movies and shows
Father & Son Build Insanely Impressive Retro 80s Arcade In Basement

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