Friday Links #254



scriptcs gets a REPL! | Glenn Block
Toastr 1.3.0 Now Available | John Papa
Video.js Blog - Video.js 4.0 now available!
Getting started with ScriptCS - Scott Smith
How to Create a Toggle Switch in CSS3 – SitePoint
TFS Source Control History Visualization extension
Consistent error handling with Nancy - Paul Stovell
JetBrains .NET Tools Blog » ReSharper 8 EAP: NuGet based Extension Manager
NancyFX - Revisiting Content Negotiation & APIs (Part 2) – philliphaydon.com
Publish Individual Files to your Server in Visual Studio 2012.2 - Rick Strahl’s Web Log
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Did You Know Windows 8 Has a Built-In Time Machine Backup?
OUTDATEfighter: Keep Your Computer Updated And Bloatware-Free With This Fantastic Tool [Windows]

Science and Technology

2013 Invention Awards: Cardboard Bike | Popular Science
The Star Trek Medical Tricorder Inches Closer To Becoming A Reality
What Went Wrong in the Deadly America’s Cup Crash | Autopia | Wired.com
Pinpoint Your Car’s Troubling Rattle With a ‘Sound Camera’ | Autopia | Wired.com

On the Web

Official Blog: A picture of Earth through time
World Famous Landmarks Made to Look Miniature
How we trained our robots to clean radar images for Dark Sky
Sandy-Devastated Town Will Ditch Landlines Forever | Popular Science
Buzz Aldrin Wants To Send People On A One-Way Trip To Mars | Popular Science

Stuff I Just Like

High Throw
Elegant Code » Developer humor
Old Spock battles New Spock in the greatest car commercial ever
How two ‘Star Trek’ fans are restoring original series shuttlecraft | The Verge
Rich-K & Big J’s Fan-Made Lego Helm’s Deep Has Approximately 150,000 Bricks and 1,700 Mini-Figures

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