Friday Links #245


Disabling Knockout Intellisense
Update to Immutable Collections
WebKit for Developers - Paul Irish
Dead simple stubbing for JavaScript
A better WPF Browser Control - CodeProject
JSONMate - JSON editor, inspector and beautifier
Breaking down Amazon’s mega dropdown - Ben Kamens
JetBrains .NET Tools Blog » Introducing the ReSharper 8 EAP
Add this Code to Your Windows Store App Now! | Think first. Code later.
JSON Debugger visualizer in Visual Studio 2012 - Serge van den Oever [Macaw]


The Windows 8 Task Manager: A Gem Hidden In Plain Sight
Quickly Open a Command Prompt from the Windows Explorer Address Bar
Screenhero Shares Your Screen with Others, Gives Each Person Their Own Mouse
Windows 8 Tip: Run Metro Apps in Windows on the Desktop | Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows

Science and Technology

Why Intel can’t seem to retire the x86
New evidence that comets could have seeded life on Earth
5 Alternatives To The Apple iWatch That Are Already Available
Self-Leaning Toyota i-Road Concept Debuts At 2013 Geneva Show
Physicists Discover a Way Around Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
950-Horsepower LaFerrari Is the Supercar to Beat for the Next 10 Years | Autopia | Wired.com
There’s Salt Water On The Surface Of Europa, Which Could Be Good News For Extraterrestrial Life

On the Web

Wufoo · The Current State of HTML5 Forms
Stop Using Small Font Sizes // explodie.org
The HTML5 test - How well does your browser support HTML5?
Windows 9 Release Schedule; with extreme edition – Apna Google

Stuff I Just Like

This ‘DRM’ Chair Will Self-Destruct After Eight Uses
CableDrops Hold Your Cables Anywhere, Gravity Be Damned
Orders of magnitude (time) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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