Friday Links #243


Starting with AngularJS
AngularJS and DOM Manipulation
Decompiling .NET Applications
TalksLab/metro-bootstrap · GitHub
Anima — CSS animations with a soul
Say “Hello” to Lo-Dash - Kit Cambridge
What is hoisting, really? - blog by @johnkpaul
Two ways to set a conditional breakpoint in JavaScript
Conway’s Game of Life in Processing.js | Discretized Continuity
JavaScript Time Zone Conversion with Walltime | Photosynthesis
asm.js: A Low Level, Highly Optimizable Subset of JavaScript for Compilers
Introducing Durandal - .NET & Funky Fresh - Devlicio.us - Just the Tasty Bits
Announcing release of ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Update - ScottGu’s Blog


How To Attach Files From The Cloud To Gmail In Chrome
Normalize the Sound Volume on Your PC with Windows’ Loudness Equalization Setting

Science and Technology

Self-healing protective coating for concrete
Fusion Power Could Happen Sooner Than You Think
Bionic Hand Wired To Nerves Can “Feel” When Touched

On the Web

The Chromebook Pixel, for what’s next
Samsung Chromebook Series 3 Review and Giveaway
Review of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 for Development
Microsoft Surface Pro hybrid succeeds more as a laptop than a tablet

Stuff I Just Like

BBC News - How much bigger can container ships get?
Software Leadership #1: Code Speaks; Love the Code

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