Friday Links #220


NET Slave | Web Essentials 1.1 released
Why I’m done with Scrum | Jimmy Bogard’s Blog
Preventing modification of JavaScript objects at piotrwalat.net
JetBrains .NET Tools Blog » New Code Inspections in ReSharper 7
JavaScript Tops Latest Programming Language Popularity Ranking From RedMonk | TechCrunch


Automatically Backup your Gmail account with GMVault and Windows Task Scheduler - Scott Hanselman

Science and Technology

Dark energy is real, say astronomers
Intel Shows Haswell, the Next 22nm Chip To Offer 2X Graphics
How Lobster-Inspired Winglets Reduce Drag, Increase Fuel Efficiency
Enough wind to power global energy demand: New research examines limits, climate consequences

On the Web

Helveticards - 100% CSS playing cards
Design, Knowledge, and Human Intelligence: RIP Bill Moggridge, Designer of the First Laptop

Stuff I Just Like

Formula E Set to Electrify Racing
The Galileo Thermometer Was Not Invented By Galileo

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