Friday Links #216


Dojo 1.8 Released! | The Dojo Toolkit Blog
jQuery Deferreds promises asynchronous bliss
OAuth/OpenID Support for WebForms, MVC and WebPages
jQuery Events: Stop (Mis)Using Return False | Fuel Your Coding
Visual Studio 2012 RELEASED - Here’s 5 minute videos to get you up to speed quick


Dark Sky Tracks the Weather Down to the Minute and Warns You When It’s About to Rain
The Healthcare Blue Book Tells You How Much Medical and Dental Treatments Should Cost

Science and Technology

IBM claims spintronics memory breakthrough - Computerworld
The Sun Is the Most Perfect Naturally-Occurring Sphere in the Universe
Curiosity Has Landed – 5 Ways You Can Follow What The Mars Rover Is Up To
Physicists Demonstrate Working Quantum Router, a Step Toward a Quantum Internet
Researchers Reach the ‘Highest Possible’ Resolution for Color Laser Printing at 100,000 dpi

On the Web

What is MHL, and why should you care?
Prismatic Is The Perfect Desktop Alternative To Flipboard And Zite

Stuff I Just Like

Tech Company Death Benefits (Comic)
Rounded Corners 393 — Yo-Yos in space
An Unexpected Ass Kicking | Blog Of Impossible Things

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