Friday Links #195


jQuery Blog » jQuery 1.7.2 Released
Best of jQuery | Showcasing Javascript + jQuery Plugins
Mindscape Blog » Blog Archive » What else is new in C# 5?
git commit –m “CodePlex now supports Git!” - CodePlex Weblog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs


Agent Ransack – Download
You Can Now Switch Your Gmail Icon Buttons Back To Text [Updates]
Streak Supercharges Gmail with Text Expansion, Scheduled Emails, Event Planning, and More

Science and Technology

Contributions of Physics to the Information Age
The Supersonic Jet of the Future Will Be a Biplane
SpaceX Prepares For April 30 Launch To Space Station

On the Web

Welcome to the Post PC Era
Websites Can Detect What Chrome Extensions You’ve Installed

Stuff I Just Like

Use an Old Nail Keg as a Wastebasket | Popular Woodworking Magazine
A Computer in a Leather Recliner: A Compact and Comfortable Workspace [Featured Workspace]

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