Friday Links #191


Coming Soon: TFS Express
Tinker — Social Code Collaboration
ASP.NET Web API and ELMAH Integration
JavaScript libraries related to different file types
Valid JavaScript variable names · Mathias Bynens
ResponsiveSlides.js · Responsive jQuery slideshow
C# + ReSharper = Awesome: Tip #10 of 10 – Generate Equality Members
Introducing the New Developer Experience - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Introducing the New Developer Experience, Part #2 - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs


Springpad: a free app that helps you remember
ESBUnitConv: The Only Unit Conversion Tool You Need [Windows]
Love NPR? Check out “Infinite Player”, which streams NPR programming tailored to your interests

Science and Technology

Final push’ on polio
Circling The Globe In A Solar Car
One step closer to a new kilogram
Vaccine Could Cut Heroin Addiction
Have Bad Cars Gone Extinct? – Slashdot
World’s longest kidney transplant chain completed
Russian Scientists Revive Plant From 30,000-Year-Old Seeds
With New Standard, Wi-Fi Could Become As Widespread As Cellular
Replacing electricity with light: First physical ‘metatronic’ circuit created
Video: Wireless Devices Swim Through Your Bloodstream and Fix You Up, ‘Fantastic Voyage’ Style

On the Web

Should All Web Traffic Be Encrypted?
Fluent Is a Badass Web-Based Gmail Client
Jpg.to Is the Most Efficient Way to Find Funny, Time-Wasting Images

Stuff I Just Like

Enter The $5 LED Lightbulb
Solar Plane Pilot Midway Through 72-Hour Sim
Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year’s End - NYTimes.com
Raspberry Pi – A Credit-Card Sized ARM Computer – Yours For Only $25

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