Friday Links #185


How Trello is different - Joel on Software
Rduerden/Node.cs – GitHub
.NET 4.0 and System.Threading.Tasks | CodeThinked
Mercurial vs Git; it’s all in the branches « Felipe Contreras
Firebug 1.9 New Features ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Upcoming Releases: 1.0.1, 1.1, and beyond | jQuery Mobile
AppHarbor Rocks. Seriously.
JAPF » Blog Archive » ReSharper and code generation


Tweet On The Hush Hush With Covert Chirp [iPhone]

Science and Technology

MIT’s Nano-Bio-Bandage Can Stop Your Bleeding Almost Immediately
The Age of the Pico Projector is Upon Us (For Real This Time)
‘Augmented-reality’ windshields and the future of driving - CNN.com
One-third of car fuel consumption is due to friction loss
IBM Says It Stored A Bit Of Data On Just 12 Atoms : The Two-Way : NPR

On the Web

Frequency - Your Personal Video Service - Social Video, Popular Channels, Personal Video Feeds
Grooveshark’s New HTML5 Mobile Webapp Streams Music to Your Smartphone for Free

Stuff I Just Like

Tiny Homes

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