Friday Links #167


Backbone.js Screencast - Introduction and Views => joey beninghove
Parsimony: Visual Studio Extensions worth checking out…
How to speed up build time by only building the currently selected project in a multi-project solution
JSONDB implementation — Gist
Javascript LZW
HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default template for HTML5 awesome.
Very High Quality Image Resizing in .NET | Keyvan Nayyeri
Why you absolutely should be using Sugar.js
How I Mobile Optimized My Website in 5 Minutes | Hartley Brody
Sideways Headers


Firefox 7.0 Beta Released
Cool Tools: Diceware

Science and Technology

A Camera With the Processing Power of a Computer
Yeast’s epic journey 500 years ago gave rise to lager beer
Brand-New Supernova Spotted Within Hours, Will Be the Most-Studied Star Explosion Ever

On the Web

Canvas Pinball
Report: Microsoft shows off quad-core Windows slate. Could this be its Build give-away? | ZDNet
Build An Empire With Age Of Empires Online – Free to Play!

Stuff I Just Like

It’s Official: Plug-In Cadillac Is Coming
The Wood Camera iPhone Case

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