Friday Links #149


Dean Hume - Microsoft Translator API
Knockout.js 1.2.0 released « Steve Sanderson’s blog
Working with SSL at Development Time is easier with IISExpress - Scott Hanselman
Actual JavaScript Engine Performance


Windows 8 Can Be Run From a USB Stick
Official Google Blog: Google Toolbar 7—cleaner, fresher and faster

Science and Technology

Like Europa, Titan May Have A Giant Subsurface Ocean - Technology Review
Solar Breakthrough Could Provide Power Without Solar Cells – Slashdot
New Graphene Material is Paper-Thin and Ten Times Stronger Than Steel | Popular Science
Google: Video Offers Unusual Glimpse Inside One Of Its Data Centers
Lasers Could Replace Spark Plugs, Making Engines More Efficient | Popular Science
Discovery Could Make Fuel Cells Much Cheaper | Autopia | Wired.com

On the Web

Amazon unveils overdue Kindle Library Lending | The Digital Home - CNET News
Happiest places have highest suicide rates, new research finds
How to get cash rebates for almost everything you buy online | The Cheapskate - CNET News

Stuff I Just Like

Electric Flying, Cheap and Crazy | Autopia | Wired.com
In First U.S. Flight, ‘JetMan’ Will Fly Through the Grand Canyon | Popular Science
Video: Railgun Blasts an Aerodynamic Round Seven Kilometers Through A Steel Plate | Popular Science
Holtey Classic Handplanes - The finest quality Dovetailed Infill planes and Hand planes

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