Friday Links #142


Dennis Doomen.NET: Another release for Fluent Assertions
IISExpress download (IIS Express 7.5) : Jeffrey Palermo
MobileNationHQ | Create mobile applications with ease
SharpCrafters Blog | 5 Ways That Postsharp Can SOLIDify Your Code: Logging and Auditing
jsPerf: JavaScript performance playground


Streaming Services: A Whole New Side To VLC Player You Probably Didn’t Know About
Personal Blocklist (by Google) - Chrome Web Store

Science and Technology

One terabit per second data rate on a single integrated photonic chip
New ‘Nanolube’ Could Cut Engine Friction by More Than Half | Popular Science

On the Web

An Amazing Pic of Discovery Docking with the ISS, Taken from Earth | Popular Science
Sched Makes Event Scheduling Simple, Free & Social

Stuff I Just Like

FAA OKs iPad for Pilots’ Charts | Autopia | Wired.com
Iconic VW Microbus, Reimagined as an EV | Autopia | Wired.com
Toolmonger » Blog Archive » Woodpeckers’ Cross Dowel Jig
IE6 Countdown

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