Friday Links #131


Fluent-Style Programming in JavaScript - sellsbrothers.com
jQuery UI 1.8.7 « jQuery
From ArgumentException to CodeContracts using Resharper
ECMAScript 5 Part 2: Array Extras – IEBlog
Introduction to jQuery Templates - Hajan’s Blog
Google Continuous Integration Process | Patrick Smacchia
Strict Mode Is Coming To Town » Yahoo! User Interface Blog
Model View Presenter Pattern Implementation in ASP.NET – CodeProject
Cross-Training in Silverlight & Flex — C#/CLR vs ActionScript3/AVM Part 1 « Brian Genisio’s House of Bilz


Cyberduck 4.0 Beta Released for Windows
SwapWin Swaps Windows Between Dual Monitors
Free mocking framework | Telerik
Microsoft Security Essentials 2 Released, Still the Best Darn AntiVirus Around
Chromium Blog: WebGL now in Beta: here comes the 3D web!

Science and Technology

[‘Plasma Antennas’ Could Enable Next-Gen Wi-Fi, Beaming Gigs Per Second Wirelessly Popular Science](http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2010-12/plasma-antennas-could-enable-next-gen-wi-fi-beaming-gigs-second-wirelessly)  
[The wind is no longer at Voyager’s back Bad Astronomy Discover Magazine](http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2010/12/13/the-wind-is-no-longer-at-voyagers-back/)
[NASA Engineers Propose Combining a Rail Gun and a Scramjet to Fire Spacecraft Into Orbit Popular Science](http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2010-11/nasa-engineers-propose-combining-rail-gun-and-scramjet-fire-spacecraft-orbit)  

On the Web

Create professional resumes online for free - CV Maker
Kinstant Start Page for Kindle Lets You Create Your Own Kindle-ized Links
Official Google Blog: The next generation of mobile maps

Stuff I Just Like

Revenge Of The Electric Car Trailer: Watch It Now! [Video] - All Cars Electric
Geeknews » Blog Archive » Inside the San Francisco Fire Department’s Ladder Shop
Niagara Falls Without The Water…Old Pics Found! | Curious? Read

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