Tweetz 3–Alpha 4

With the upcoming holiday, it looks like I’m going to be busy with family stuff, so I thought I would get another build out the door rather than wait. Like the other alpha’s, this is not feature or even function complete. You’ll find stuff that doesn’t work or isn’t quite right. I’m mostly looking for an indication if things are moving in the right direction.

I decided to ditch the icon panel (the one you get when hovering over the pic, not the tab bar) in favor of a more traditional menu format. Early indications are that this is preferred. I certainly like it better. It also allows me to add additional features. Here’s a screen shot:


Reply, Message, RT, Retweet, Favorite and Copy are working. Reply All, Delete and Browser are not working. Again, I’m going to busy over the holidays so you’re getting this before I could get these implemented. I’ve updated the locale files to include these new items so they can be translated.

The shortcuts are designed to work on the currently selected tweet. They don’t (oddly) work from the menu itself just yet.

Speaking of languages, I’ve received and included some more translations (Greek and Hungarian if I recall correctly). That’s a total of 12 languages now. Pretty cool. I could really use Russian and Chinese localizations.

I’m still working on layouts and themes. I borrowed a few ideas from a user supplied theme and added them to the default color scheme.

That’s all for now. Happy Thanksgiving if that’s your thing.

Tweetz 3.1 Alpha 4

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