Friday Links #118


CSS3 Card Trick: A Fun CSS3 Experiment
The Third Object
A simple implementation of a WeakReference-powered event handler
Burn, baby. Burn. - RobMensching.com
How JSONP works (and some bits about implementing it in WCF) - Scott Seely
YUI 3.2.0 Released: SimpleYUI, Touch Event Support, Gestures, Transitions, CSS Grids, ScrollView, Uploader
Silverlight: next decade’s IE 6 problem
Introducing JetPack–a new Silverlight 4 application theme
Peli’s Farm - Pex, Stubs, Moles, QuickGraph, MbUnit, Reflector Addins - Seeing Code Contracts in Intellisense NOW!
[Transitioning Existing Code to the ES5 Getter/Setter APIs - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs ](http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2010/09/07/transitioning-existing-code-to-the-es5-getter-setter-apis.aspx)


Firefox 4 Beta 5 Now Available with Default Hardware Acceleration, Menu Redesign
How to Access your Computer Files on iPhone and iPad
Comparison of Online Fax Services - Send and Receive Fax from the Computer
Cameyo: competent, free program virtualization app can create portable executables from any application

Science and Technology

Laws of physics vary throughout the universe, new study suggests
Consumer Reports Home & Garden Blog: Buzzword: Graphite foam technology

On the Web

Scott Hanselman - A New Podcast for Developers - This Developer’s Life
Google to start TV service in U.S. this autumn | Reuters
Official Google Blog: Announcing our new Family Safety Center
Keyboard Shortcuts That’ll Make Your Google Instant Searching Even Faster
How to Turn Off Google Instant Search

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