Friday Links #111


Perfection kills » Understanding delete
Textarea Tricks | CSS-Tricks
About PIE – CSS3 PIE: CSS3 decorations for IE
Rory Primrose | Creating proxies with RealProxy
The Only HTML5 Resources You Need for Getting Up to Speed
ironruby - Release: 1.1
Badass JavaScript - WPS: PostScript and PDF Interpreter For HTML5 Canvas
VS 2010 Productivity Power Tools Update
PredicateBuilder revisited
Writing plug-ins for ReSharper: Part 2 of N - Hadi Hariri


A New Version Of Google Chrome Now Due Every Six Weeks
Zoundry Raven – Another Good Alternative to Windows Live Writer

Science and Technology

Are We Living Inside a Black Hole? | Popular Science
Breakthrough achieved in explaining why tectonic plates move the way they do

Video: Raytheon’s Ship-Mounted Laser Weapon Incinerates a UAV in Flight | Popular Science
Fourth property of electrons? Electric dipole moment would explain creation of universe
Quantum Time Machine Lets You Travel to the Past Without Fear of Grandfather Paradox | Popular Science
Nanotech coatings produce 20 times more electricity from sewage

On the Web

Color reminder - Design inspiration
SimplyNoise White Noise Generator Now Features Sleep Timer and iOS App
WebSequenceDiagrams.com - Make Sequence Diagrams with one click

Stuff I Just Like

Toyota, Tesla Resurrect the Electric RAV4 | Autopia | Wired.com
BBC News - Model of Bloodhound supersonic car unveiled
Sikorsky Will Fly Electric Helicopter This Year | Autopia | Wired.com

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