Friday Links #100


The WiX toolset’s “Remember Property” pattern. - RobMensching.com
Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript – Refactoring a Game - Matthew Podwysocki
Framework 4.0: System.Tuple : Sam Gentile’s Blog
Eloquent JavaScript is an interactive, free JavaScript book
PRISM event aggregator: more leaky than it seems « greenicicle
Ajaxian » JavaScript asynchronous method queue chaining
jQuery Templates and Data Linking
jQuery google api and other google hosted javascript libraries. - ScriptSrc.net


Add elevator music to break the monotony of slow-moving Windows progress bars!
Google Chrome Blog: Pedal to the Chrome metal: Our fastest beta to date for Windows, Mac and Linux
Make Ringtones Online for your Cell Phone with WolframTones - It’s Free!

Science and Technology

Official Google Blog: Not merely tilting at windmills — investing in them too
Treating battlefield injuries with light-activated technology
Coming Soon: a Synthetic Brain Built from Tens of Thousands of Smartphone Chips | Popular Science
Nanocoating makes perfectly non-reflecting displays
A Single Molecule Computes Thousands of Times Faster than Your PC | Popular Science
Video: “Sea Kites” Could Harness Tidal Energy For Future Power Plants | Popular Science

On the Web

We’ll See Electric Volkswagens in 2013 | Autopia | Wired.com
Official Google Blog: A spring metamorphosis — Google’s new look

Stuff I Just Like

[VW’s First Ever Two-Wheeler Fits in Your Spare Tire Compartment Fast Company](http://www.fastcompany.com/1632669/vws-first-ever-two-wheeler-fits-in-your-spare-tire-compartment?partner=homepage_newsletter)
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