Tweetz 2.3 – Update Failed

Crying_64 OK, I missed on this release. It happens sometimes. I’ve pulled the tweetz 2.3 release due to bugs and a general dissatisfaction with the way new tweets are indicated.

I’ve have numerous requests to indicate new tweets by highlighting them. I’ve resisted doing this because it requires a change in the way the gadget is used that is a bit too “click” intensive for my tastes.

Fortunately, a suggestion came in that I think gets it right without having to change the way the gadget is used. The idea (not the implementation) is quite simple. Don’t scroll when new tweets come, just push them onto to the list of tweets. You’ll know that new tweets have arrived because the scroll bar will no longer be at the top. I’ll also throw an indicator at the top indicating the number of new tweets.

As you scroll up the list reading the tweets, the tweets are marked as read. The only visual indication is the counter at the top changes. This also allows you to read the tweets in the order they arrived. I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this.

I’d also like to thank all the users that left me snarky comments about their disappointment in this release. I can’t tell you how much that inspires me to keep working on this project (not!).

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