tweetz Update – 2.2

settingsTime for another tweetz update. Version 2.2 adds support for “Native Retweets”. What that means is tweetz uses the newer retweet support recently added to twitter. But fear not, if you like the old school method, you can simply turn off the option.

Like the web page, you’ll see a small popup dialog asking if you want to retweet the selected message to your followers.

I’ve also been doing some code cleanup as of late. As I learn more about JavaScript I’m finding that there are more efficient and effective ways to express things.

Lately, I’ve been learning about functional constructors in JavaScript. It’s a much cleaner, lighter and more robust way to allocate new classes objects.

It’s weird but the more JavaScript I write, the less I like C#. The biggest obstacle I’ve found is me having to unlearn a few things. JavaScript has it warts, but so does every other language out there. It’s takes a bit of practice, but you can write some truly nice code in JavaScript.

Check out the JavaScript series by Douglas Crockford over at Yahoo. Even if you’re not all that interested in the language, you’ll enjoy the story and learn some really interesting stuff about where some of those weird conventions in computer science come from (ever wonder why 80 columns was adopted as a standard line length? Hint: The 1890 census!).

Available on the downloads page.

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