tweetz 2.0

Version 2.0 is official. And for those of you who have been asking, yes, you’re going to get those rounded corners.

Differences from the last beta 5:

  • Rounded corners: There’s one restriction here in that the height is restricted to increments of 50 pixels. There’s simply no good way to stretch a background image in a gadget so I just hauled off and made one for for every 50 pixels in height between 200 and 1600. The dialog will round down to the nearest 50 so entering 760 will yield 750. Now if anyone wants to do up some custom backgrounds and send them my way, maybe we can get something a bit different.
  • Layout cleanup: Fixed a few layout issues so things look extra purrty.
  • Fixed the “More” link in search

And that’s it (for now). I’ve added a product page with some more information and a download link. I’ve got a long list of features for version 2.1 that many of you have suggested. I’ll discuss them in another post. For now, download and enjoy.

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