Tweetz 2.0 Beta

Ok, I’m finally to the point where the new version of tweetz™ is good enough to warrant a beta release. For those who have been following this blog, you know that I decided to “start over” with tweetz. While the old tweetz was an OK gadget, it was bumping up against the limitations of it’s implementation.

The new version doesn’t do everything the old version did (yet). However, what it does, it does better. And more importantly, the code is more robust and extensible which means it should perform better, be easier to maintain and new features should be less disruptive code-wise.

Some things I was able to fix in the version.

  • Better font – Actually the font is the same as before but it’s not bolded. I never did figure out why the older version bolded fonts but I suspect it had something to do with lame IE implementation of opacity.
  • Better performance – The old version slowed down as the number of tweets increased. The new data model is much more efficient.
  • Better interface – This is obviously subjective, but I think I’ve made some interface decisions that make the program better. Your feedback will be the judge.
  • New features – I did sneak in some new features like hash-tag searches.

I’ll have much more detail in the release post. For now, I’m looking for feedback and validation of the new implementation.

Available on the downloads page.

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