Friday Links #78

Programming Computers

Silverlight 4 Beta – A guide to the new features
Microsoft PDC09 and Silverlight Round-up
Automatic Null Checks
Brad Abrams : RIA Services: A DomainService IS A WCF Service – Add Service Reference
MockingBird v1 RTM « Santosh Benjamin’s Weblog
Keeping CSS Files DRY with .less

Using Your Computer

Underwhelmed By Chrome OS? That’s Kinda the Point
7Zip – A Free Program to Unzip Uncommon Archive Formats
An Image Editor and Screen Capturing Tool for your USB Drive
National Geographic Offers Stunning Natural Wallpaper - Images – Lifehacker
Amazon Updates Kindle 2: Now with 85 Percent Better Battery Life and Native PDF Support - SuperSite Blog
Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen - Screenshots: Amazon Kindle 2 gets Better Battery Life and Native PDF Support
Chrome OS like lightning from a USB key: we could get used to this – Engadget
How to Install Chrome OS From A USB Drive
Automatically disable your touchpad while you type with TouchFreeze
GoogSysTray: An All In One Google Notifier App
3 Useful Programs That Help Manage Multiple

Science and the Environment

New Space Telescope Could Search for Both Exoplanets and Dark Energy | Popular Science
Slashdot Technology Story | Berkeley Engineers Have Some Bad News About Air Cars
How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world | Curious? Read
Hydrogen-economy on the way? New hydrogen-storage method discovered
Scientists find molecular trigger that helps prevent aging and disease
Nissan Releases New Leaf Video, More Specs Revealed - All Cars Electric
BBC - Earth News - Hammerhead shark mystery solved

On the Web

The Associated Press: Rare Charles Darwin book found on toilet bookshelf
Electric-car maker Tesla preparing IPO | Green Tech - CNET News
Man Diagnosed ‘Comatose’ For 23 Years Was Actually Conscious All Along | Popular Science
Note to hospitals: The pen is mightier than the data entry worker | Health Tech – CNET
The True Power of the Wolfram Alpha Knowledge Engine

Stuff I Just Dig

One in a Million, Split Second, OMG’s Videos | Curious? Read
Wrap Hoses and Cords Properly to Avoid Tangles and Damage - Home – Lifehacker
Slashdot Technology Story | Jetman Attempts Intercontinental Flight
BBC News - Bloodhound diary: South Africa is the place

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