Friday Links #75

Programming Computers

WiX v3.5 <3’s Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 - RobMensching.com /Blog
10 Awesome Techniques and Examples of Animation with jQuery
Dynamic Method Bags
Jeff Wilcox – The Silverlight Toolkit – now in the Microsoft Web Platform Installer

Using your Personal Computer

Mozilla releases first beta of Firefox 3.6 | Deep Tech - CNET News
Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen - Windows 7 with BitLocker and Still Booting To VHD
The “Font smoothing” feature has no effect in Windows Server 2003 terminal sessions
Microsoft Security Essentials rated best free antivirus for Windows
LiveBrush – A Versatile Freeware Image Editor That Lets You Draw Like An Artist

Science and the Environment

The Greenest Museum on Earth - Video – Wired
Baguette Dropped From Bird’s Beak Shuts Down The Large Hadron Collider (Really) | Popular Science

On the Web

Readability 2 Makes Web Pages Even More Minimalist - Reading – Lifehacker
Chrome and others nibble away IE usage | Deep Tech - CNET News
Coding Horror: Stack Overflow Careers: Amplifying Your Awesome
Google Chrome Beta Adds Bookmark Sync, Speed Boost - Google Chrome – Lifehacker
Space Hotel Reportedly On Track for 2012 Opening, Already Has Paying Guests | Popular Science
Official Google Blog: Transparency, choice and control — now complete with a Dashboard!

Stuff I just Dig

20 Most Hilarious (Yet Unfortunate) Company Names On Earth | Curious?
Slashdot Science Story | Low-Energy Laser Etching May Replace Fruit Labels
Auto-Sealing Insulated Mug Keeps Your Drink Toasty, Won’t Spill - Drinks – Lifehacker
Why crutches may soon be relics of the past | Health Tech - CNET News

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