Friday Links #68

Programming Computers

Implementing a jQuery-Datepicker ASP.NET Control - Rick Strahl’s Web
iPhone gets .Net app development | Developer World – InfoWorld
Silverlight tip – Dynamic TextBlock | Corey Schuman
NArrange - .NET Code Organizer/Formatter/Beautifier
Take Two: A jQuery WCF/ASMX ServiceProxy Client - Rick Strahl’s Web
.NET 2.0 Performance Guidelines - Finalize and Dispose - Guidance Share

Using your Personal Computer

Windows 7 touch: Dead on arrival
The Simple Things Missing in Google Chrome
Use Calibrize To Color Calibrate Your Monitor (Windows)
Viewer2: unique, innovative image viewing and tagging app | freewaregenius.com

Science and the Environment

BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Military robot ‘hops’ over walls
Showers may be far dirtier than we think | Health Tech - CNET News
Scientists Map Out Gravitational Space Highways | Popular Science
Rock Solid Planet / Science News
Are ESL bulbs better than CFL or LED? | Crave – CNET
MIT creates nanotube process that could shrink, speed chips
A Boat to Sail the Methane Lakes of Titan | Popular Science
Inhabitat » New Envion Facility Turns Plastic Waste into $10/Barrel Fuel
New Rabies Vaccine May Require Only A Single Shot… Not 6
Astronauts’ urine lights up the sky | Technically Incorrect - CNET News

On the Web

Wi-Fi Gets a New Standard - Gadgetwise Blog - NYTimes.com
Get Real-Time Search Results from Google - Google – Lifehacker
PBTweet Enhances Your Twitter Experience - Greasemonkey – Lifehacker
Microsoft’s Bing Introduces Visual Search Feature - bing – Lifehacker
Official Google Blog: Read news fast with Google Fast Flip
Facebook | 300 Million and On
Google Web Elements
Dan Brown book selling better on Kindle than hardcover? | The Digital Home
The CodePlex Foundation: Cautiously Optimistic - Bill Blogs in C#

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