Friday Links #67

Programming Computers

Free Internet Explorer debugging tool: Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview for Windows Internet Explorer
Sara Ford’s Weblog : TechEd Australia – 25 Visual Studio 2008 IDE Tips
What’s New in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 4.0 Part- I

Using your Personal Computer

Remember your folders that opened recently
Google Chrome Turns On Extensions by Default on the Dev Channel - Google Chrome – Lifehacker

Science and the Environment

Hydrogen Storage Gets New Hope
Hubble Opens New Eyes On The Universe
Graphitic Memory: Advances Bring Graphite As Storage Medium A Step Closer
Toward A Nanomedicine For Brain Cancer
Discovery Swerves To Avoid Orbiting Space Junk | Popular Science
BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Japan’s space truck ready to fly

On the Web

Asus’s New E-Reader Looks More Like a Real, Live Book | Popular Science
Returning to the moon before this century is out
Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen - Microsoft creates the CodePlex foundation
Load Impact - Free web site load test
Wi-Fi Gets a New Standard - Gadgetwise Blog - NYTimes.com

Stuff I just Dig

She is not using a Microsoft Surface Table - video clip is using nothing but grains of sand to draw
Toolmonger » Blog Archive » Inka Pen
Pizza Humor

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