tweetz Update #4

I think I started to lose site of what this gadget is about. As it often seems, gadgets are more about the gadget than the content. I was starting to lean towards “The Dark Side” with tweetz. This release goes back to my original goals. Content presented in a clear and concise format with as little space as necessary for controls and navigation aids.

I’ve added an option to remove the pictures of users in the expanded mode. This will allow you to squeeze a few more lines of tweets on screen. Also, I kind of found the pictures a bit distracting for some reason. Maybe because I follow so few people it seems less important.

The favorites and user status pages are working now. They need a bit more work but are very usable.

The search page is stubbed in. I need to modify the code a bit to deal with the different format of data returned by search as opposed to the other twitter API’s.

The “tabs” suck by the way. I keep meaning to something with them but I just can’t seem to make up mind what to do with them. It shouldn’t be that hard but like a lot of things on this gadget, the small real estate makes for some interesting challenges.

So I keep chugging along. Thanks to those who have sent feedback.

Available on the downloads page.

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