tweetz Update

Tweetz is a Windows Sidebar twitter client that doesn’t suck (well, at least not too badly). I’ve updated the gadget based on feedback and using it. Here’s a couple of new screen shots of the undocked and docked versions.

Notable changes include:

  • The “What are you doing?” at the bottom is gone. Click the title area at the top.
  • Favorites, Search and User tabs added
  • Direct messaging added
  • Fixes to keep ClearType from going into the crapper
  • Improved layout. Docked version excludes images.
  • Better Jquery integration including http support
  • More readable font
  • Lots of other little improvements
  • Changed the polling for the home tab from 3 minutes to 2 minutes

Most of the work has been in trying to make the user experience more fluid and natural. That sounds like a lot of marketing speak but believe me, it isn’t. With so little space to work in, having to use JavaScript and dealing with the oddities of IE6/7, it makes for some real work.

This version “feels” much better to me than the earlier version. I’m working on Favorites, Searching and User accounts next. If you have a “request”, feel free to send it along.

The downloads page has the latest version. Live Gallery usually takes a day or more to update.

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