Windows 7 Installed – Wow!

It’s a little weird, but I just installed Windows 7 and, well, er, um, I’m done.

Not that I didn’t run into an issue, but in retrospect, I’m sort of glad it happened.

The good, I installed Windows 7 in less than 20 minutes. The setup was silly stupid easy and the feedback during the install was “just right”.

The bad, I was “forced” to do a clean install. Apparently, in a weak moment, several years ago, I installed and ran Perfect Disk from Raxco for a bit. Well, Perfect Disk modifies the NTFS partition in such a way that Windows 7 thinks the disk is corrupted. Now you might argue that the Windows 7 installer should account for this, but in this case, I hold Raxco at fault. No F-ing way should a disk defragger modify my computer in such a way that it still has ramifications years later – After it is uninstalled. Bad, bad bad…

In retrospect, I’m not sure why I didn’t just do a clean install from the beginning. It’s not like I don’t have stuff backed up. I’m I bit of a backup freak. Still, I hate having to rely on them, even if it’s only for a few hours.

As for Windows 7, it just works. It’s sounds like bad parody of an Apple commercial but then again, it applies. I’m writing this on three old hardware (this November), on Windows 7, with Windows Live Writer (just installed).

I’ve read a lot of press about how much faster Windows 7 is compared to Vista. I don’t perceive that’s I it’s faster, but I can certainly say it’s not slower. And this is on somewhat older hardware.

I’m sure I’ll hit some “issues” as time goes by but for now, Microsoft gets a big, “Pat on the back”, for a job well done.

I’ve resisted the release candidates, the betas and the hype, but as of 1 hour into it, I’m thinking I should have jumped sooner.

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