jQuery Delay Function

Oddly, jQuery does not have delay function. The usual technique, from what I gather, is to use the animate function. Most examples use the opacity property as an animation target.

$(selector).animate( { opacity: 1}, 3000, function() { /* callback */ });

This works beautifully, but it does affect the “opacity” setting. Most of the time, it’s not an issue, unless you’re working on an element with a non-default opacity.

Interestingly, “animate({ }, 3000)” doesn’t work.

Then I tripped across this code at http://james.padolsey.com/javascript/jquery-delay-plugin/

$.fn.delay = function(time, callback){
    // Empty function:
    jQuery.fx.step.delay = function(){};
    // Return meaningless animation, (will be added to queue)
    return this.animate({delay:1}, time, callback);

Nice, but then some comments on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/316278/timeout-jquery-effects allowed me to modify it even further.

$.fn.delay = function(time, callback)
    return this.animate({ opacity: '+=0' }, time, callback);

The “plus equal zero” tip supplies an animation target that does nothing without having to create the step delay function.

As a function, it’s chainable, so you can get some cool effects with little effort.


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