FreeSnap 1.5.2 Released

FreeSnap 1.5 added support for multiple monitors which changed how the Win+5 key combination worked. In single monitor situations, FreeSnap centers the window on the desktop. When multiple monitors are detected, the same key combination moves the window to the next monitor.

Personally, I don’t use the “center window” feature of FreeSnap so I didn’t think it would be missed. Boy was I wrong judging by the email I’ve received. OK, maybe I should not have changed it but it seemed to make sense given the keyboard geography of the the number pad. Rather than change it, I’ve added a new key sequence.

Win+* (the one located on the number pad) centers the current window in all modes. I’ve updated the help screen to reflect this change.


Available on the downloads page and finer Web sites everywhere.

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