Friday Links #46

Twitter Blog: The Discovery Engine Is Coming - The best way to experience Twitter Search is when it’s a natural part of your normal Twitter experience.

[LC 0.9.9: The best media player just got better The Open Road – CNET](http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10211388-16.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-5) - If you’ve ever struggled to play a file you downloaded from the hinterlands of the Web, you clearly didn’t try opening it with VideoLan’s VLC media player, a free,hugely popular, and open-source media player.

Massively Parallel Procrastination: Savory - Savory is a native ebook conversion package for the Kindle 2. It lets you download and read PDFs and ePubs on the Kindle without a manual conversion step.

Micro Persuasion: Bring Twitter Right Into Gmail with the Amazing TwitterGadget - When you first add TwitterGadget, you get a miniature Twitter app that sits in your sidebar. But that’s only the half of it. Click on the double arrows in the gadget’s title bar you get a full blown Twitter client that looks like the photo at the top of this post.

What is .NET RIA Services and why should you care? [The .NET Addict’s Blog] - One of the bits of technology that didn’t seem to get near enough attention relative to how valuable it is was .NET RIA Services.

World’s Fastest Broadband at $20 Per Home - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com - If you get excited about the prospect of really, really fast broadband Internet service, here’s a statistic that will make heart race. Or your blood boil. Or both.

Coding Horror: Almost Perfect - Almost Perfect is fantastic reading. Long out of print, it finds its own audience when self-published on the web. It’s reminiscent of the very best early computer industry tales from one of my favorite books, Accidental Empires.

Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide - MobileRead Forums - Details of the Kindle’s AZW format.

MP3-Hybrid[The $9000 Plug-In Hybrid That Will Beat the Volt to Market Popular Science](http://www.popsci.com/cars/article/2009-04/9000-plug-hybrid-will-beat-volt-market) - The MP3 500 hybrid is Piaggio’s answer to all that. It’s got a few things going for it that no other non-car on the road does, including a radical (for scooters) plug-in hybrid engine that a yields a toe-curling 140 miles per gallon, and a unique three-wheel design.

Pluralsight On-Demand! - Online .NET Training by the Industry Experts - Library of online training courses for Microsoft developers delivered by the best instructors in the industry.

Jeff Prosise’s Blog : Silverlight 3’s New Style Enhancement – Overview of new Silverlight features.

Jeff Prosise’s Blog : Silverlight 3’s New Navigation Framework – Jeff seems to have a lot to say about Silverlight as of late.

[Twhirl’s successor unveiled: Seesmic Desktop Webware – CNET](http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-10214468-2.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-5) - Popular desktop Twitter client Twhirl has a new sibling.
[DebuggerDisplay and DebuggerBrowsable – Two Debugger Attributes you should know Dev102.com](http://www.dev102.com/2009/04/09/debuggerdisplay-and-debuggerbrowsable-two-debugger-attributes-you-should-know/) - Shows the usage of these two very useful debugger attributes.
_45644933_star-trek-1[BBC NEWS Entertainment Spock gives fans Star Trek treat](http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7989146.stm) - Spock actor Leonard Nimoy set his phasers to stun at a movie screening on Monday when he switched 1982’s Wrath of Khan for the new Star Trek film.

Microsoft project code named “Velocity” : Announcing Velocity CTP3 ! – Scalable cache cluster written .NET.

InfoQ: J.B. Rainsberger: “Integration Tests Are A Scam” - Well-known agilist and TDD expert J.B. Rainsberger has begun a series of posts to explain why his experience has led him to the thought-provoking conclusion that “integration tests are a scam”.

Bluetooth 3.0 Is Ready for Prime Time (Phone Scoop) - Bluetooth 3.0 will feature dramatically increased speeds, allowing for the transfer of large video files, music collections and photo libraries wirelessly ‘within seconds’.

What is so difficult about broadcasting MLB.TV? - As a member of the development team for the Major League Baseball MLB.TV project, I’ve had a somewhat unique perspective on the successes and failures of the project. Bottom line: Let’s stop all the Silverlight vs Flash bickering shall we? Both are capable of doing the job.

Silverlight SDK : Silverlight Toolkit themes make it easy to create apps with a designer look – Silverlight 3 SDK ships with different themes to dress up your applications.

Pick of the Week

Virtual Clone Drive - The easiest way to mount an .ISO as a disk drive. Double-click on the .ISO and it’s mounted.

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