Friday Links #27

It’s “Black Friday” but so what. I do almost all of my shopping on the Internet. Better choices, Yes. Better prices, Yes. Not waiting in line, Priceless. Don’t know about you but I still have some “Turkey hangover” from all the feasting yesterday.


tinytags - make a little text tag graphic – They’re useless and yet totally fun. Here’s a tag I might use for the next FreeSnap release

Red (Planet) Alert: Massive Subsurface Glaciers Discovered on Mars: Scientific American – Looks like we’ll have to start issuing the astronauts crampons.

Facebook’s Project Palantir: Beautiful Visualization Of People Connecting – Fun animation of Facebook traffic zooming all around the world. It would be really cool if you could watch just you’re own traffic.

MAKE: Blog: MAKE Presents: The LED - A movie about the origins of the LED and how to make your own from carborundum! – Poor imitation of James Burke (of Connections fame) but good information. Like so many inventions, this one was conceived far earlier than I realized.

Add High Resolution Photos In Web Pages with SeaDragon – I mentioned SeaDragon last week. This site gives a better description of SeaDragon and it’s capabilities. The demos are pretty neat.

[Blankenthoughts Blankenthoughts: 10 Reasons The Zune Beats The iPod. Seriously](http://jeffblankenburg.com/2008/11/10-reasons-zune-beats-ipod-seriously.aspx) – I own an IPod because some one gave it to me. I’ve never been all that impressed (until the IPod Touch that is) and consider the Zune the better buy.

Jessem Tool Company - New Products / The Zip Slot Mortise Mill – A woodworking tool I would really like. Wife, are you reading this?

Sara Ford’s WebLog : Did you know… Visual Studio comes with an image library for you to use in your applications? – There are better collections on the Internet but this one has many of the “standard” icons/images used in Microsoft applications.

[Creating a Silverlight Fade In and Out Popup Window Dev102.com](http://www.dev102.com/2008/11/24/creating-a-silverlight-fade-in-and-out-popup-window/) – Silverlight makes effects like these so easy. Check out the showcase gallery at http://silverlight.net
[Play Quake OnLine With QuakeLight - Silverlight Quake!!! Dev102.com](http://www.dev102.com/2008/11/14/play-quake-online-with-quakelight-silverlight-quake/) – Yes, Silverlight is powerful enough to do real first person shooters. Can’t wait till this one is released.

Eset Smart Security Beta 4 available for download - Download Squad – I really like the NOD32 antivirus products. They’re not free but given the number of times they have saved my bacon, I’m not complaining. The best AV IMHO (and others).

Marcelo’s WebLog : So long FolderShare - hello Windows Live Sync – Is this the new branding of Live Mesh? Don’t know but rumor is you’ll get 25GB for free.

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