Attending CodeMash


CodeMash is a unique event that will educate developers on current practices, methodologies, and technology trends in a variety of platforms and development languages such as Java, .Net, Ruby and PHP.

According to some, this is the must attend developer event of the year. I’ve never been so I can’t attest to this assertion but people I respect tell me it’s really worth attending. I’ll be attending all three days.

Looking at the agenda, the focus appears to very wide.

  • Ruby Isn’t Just About Rails (Adam Wiggins)
  • Actor Concurrency (Alex Miller)
  • Rich Apps with Groovy’s SwingBuilder (Andres Almiray)
  • MS Robotics Studio vs. The Antique Robot (Andrew Craze)
  • Executable documentation with easyb (Andrew Glover)
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth, Now in 3D (Aydin Akcasu)
  • deep LINQ: C# query expression pattern (Bill Wagner)
  • Modeling types with extension methods (Bill Wagner)
  • Soft Skillz (Brian Prince)
  • Refactoring Java with JRuby (Brian Sam-Bodden)

  • Ruby Web Components with Trellis (Brian Sam-Bodden)
  • Functional Concepts for OOP Developers (Bryan Weber)
  • Re-thinking UI - WPF DataTemplates (Carey Payette)
  • Introducing the iPhone SDK (Chris Adamson)
  • Introducing Drupal: A Look Inside Zattoo’s Drupal Implementation (Chris Cassell)
  • iPhone Web Development with Grails (Christopher M. Judd)
  • JRuby and the Infinite Toolbox (Clinton R. Nixon)
  • Silverlight 2 Architectural Best Practices (David J Kelley)
  • Language Oriented DDD (David Laribee)
  • Practical Scala (Dianne Marsh)

  • Managed Extensibility Framework (Drew Robbins)
  • Modern Web Applications with .NET (Drew Robbins)
  • Multi-threading Mojo with F# (Dustin Campbell)
  • Grease, a parallel systems architecture (Edward Vielmetti)
  • Introducing Agile for Real World Developers (Greg Huber)
  • Well, Isn’t that Spatial… (SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data) (Jason Follas)
  • CI: More than just a toolset (Jay Harris)
  • A Look Inside Microsoft Labs: Photosynth, Deep Zoom, Live Mesh, and More (Jeff Blankenburg)
  • Introducing the LiveMesh SDK (Jeff Blankenburg)
  • Developing for Microsoft Surface (Jennifer Marsman)

  • Dev Guide: Skinning Silverlight Controls (Jesse Liberty)
  • Dynamic Hyper-Video in Silverlight (Jesse Liberty)
  • Three Tips to Improve Your Dev Process (Jim Holmes)
  • Griffon in front, Grails in back (Jim Shingler)
  • What? Threads Are Hard? (Jim Weirich)
  • Reverse Engineering Applications (Joe Kuemerle)
  • Developing JoeMetric for the iPhone (Joe O’Brien)
  • Testing Rails (Joe O’Brien)
  • A Programmers Guide to User Experience (Josh Walsh)
  • Guerilla SOA for WCF (Joshua Graham)

  • Demystifying Windows Communication Foundation (Keith Elder)
  • Spring 2.5 MVC (Ken Sipe)
  • Erlang: The Basics (Kevin Smith)
  • Ruby Desktop Application Framework (Lance Carlson)
  • Introducing Prototype and Scriptaculous (Leon Gersing)
  • JVM scripting with Jython (Mark Ramm)
  • Thrashing (Mary Poppendieck)
  • Groovy/Grails for non-Java developers (Michael Kimsal)
  • IronRuby In The Real World (Michael Letterle)
  • Test Infecting the Legacy Organization (Nathaniel Schutta)

  • Dynamic Languages and the JVM (Nathaniel Schutta)
  • Scaling Habits of ASP.NET Applications (Richard Campbell)
  • Adobe Flex with MVC Frameworks (Robert A. O’Malley)
  • Clean Code Ruby (Robert C. Martin)
  • Pumping Iron into Python: Intro to FePy (Sarah Dutkiewicz)
  • Cool Stuff With Computer Vision (Scott Preston)
  • Improving Web Application Performance and Scalability (Steve Smith)
  • Practices of an Agile Developer (Venkat Subramaniam)
  • Programming in Scala (Venkat Subramaniam)
  • Cloud Computing with .Net (Wesley Faler)
  • Python Data Visualization and Imaging (Zach Steindler)

Looks like it’s going to be a solid three days of hard hitting knowledge transfer. If you’re going, let me know and maybe we can get together for a little geek meet.

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